What we do

From degeneration to regeneration

Welcome to Wild Landfill, the innovative and ground-breaking project that turns landfill waste ground and surrounding improved grassland into wildflower meadows, biodiversity hotspots, new woodland, new ponds and mosaic habitats, carbon sinks and educational hubs. Allied to this, our four sites purify water, help reduce flooding, create a fence- and obstacle-free land area for the stunning recovery of nature and the environment, improving air quality and engaging schools and partners from all sectors of society.

We have created a unique pioneering educational resource for students, schools and the community at large to get involved and make a difference. Climate change and nature crises are a global problem which starts with local action. This project is a call to action to deliver sustainable management of natural resources through the expert repurposing of industrial waste sites to benefit the future and current generations of the people of Wales.



Wild Landfill is an innovative project that transforms and restores former landfill sites and their surrounding area into rich and varied habitats for wildlife.



The landfills are capped and habitats are established on them. These include wildflower meadows, heathland, wetland and woodland. A mosaic of new habitats is created in the surrounding area, enhancing biodiversity, improving connectivity across the landscape, creating havens for wildlife and increased carbon storage.



The climate change and biodiversity crises are global issues for current and future generations. Wild landfill aims to provide local solutions to tackle these emergencies. Empowering the people of Wales to better understand the problems and help to make a real and tangible difference through the recovery of nature and the environment.

Our Team

Meet some of the team of people making it happen.

Wild Landfill is utilising the expertise and knowledge of the partners organisations, making this amazing project come to life.

Tony Roberts (Natural Resources Wales)
Andy Kehoe (Kehoe Countryside Ltd)
Stuart Kato (Ecoscope Ltd)
Dr Richard Birch (Ecoscope Ltd)
Jen Towill (Independent Ecologist)
Dave Thorpe (Natural Resources Wales)
Jim Langley (Natures Work)

This pioneering project was initiated by Tony Roberts of NRW through the Welsh Government Challenge Fund and the Gwynedd and Anglesey County Councils, with collaborations across a spectrum of partnerships and stakeholders.

Our Partners


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Our Impact

We have created a better tomorrow for Wales, its climate, communities and natural environment.


trees planted. The right tree in the right place.


landfill sites converted to nature reserves


acres of wildflower meadow


new ponds, scrapes and wetland areas

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