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The climate change and biodiversity crises are global issues. Wild Landfill is a nature-based solution for Wales and the world.


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What we do

We turn landfilled waste ground into carbon sinks, biodiversity hotspots and connected habitats where nature can thrive.

The climate change and biodiversity crises are global issues for current and future generations. Wild landfill aims to provide local solutions to these global issues empowering the people of Wales to better understand the issue and help to make a tangible difference.

Wild landfill is a great starting point in our quest to reduce the impact of industrial sites on the environment and climate, turning historical environmentally degraded and polluted land into multiple, diverse, ecologically rich habitats for wildlife recovery and carbon storage. We are also improving land for pollinators which are vital for our food production across the world and creating multiple new waterbodies, the backbone of a rich ecosystem.

We have taken 4 landfill sites which contain millions of tonnes of our waste and turned them into ecological hot spots, enhancing biodiversity, creating havens for wildlife and increased carbon storage through planting trees and improving soils in and around the landfills. We have created a better environment for nature, and current and future generations, which aligns with the Welsh Government’s groundbreaking Environment Act 2016.

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LET’S Take action now to save the future of our planet

Did you know?

2.01 billion tonnes
Across the globe, people generate 2.01 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste annually.
1.3 billion tonnes
Globally, we’re producing a colossal 1.3 billion tonnes of waste to landfill annually, with a projected increase to 2.2 billion tonnes by 2025.
400kg of waste
The average person in the UK throws away around 400kg of waste each year.

Get involved

What can I do to help save the planet? Small steps can lead to big results if we all work together.

Climate change and nature emergencies are huge global issues which can sometimes overwhelm us but we can all do our part. Here are some small things that you can do to help.

Reduce food waste

Approximately 30% of all food in the UK is thrown away. This is terrible for climate, biodiversity and land use pressure. You can help by reducing your food waste by doing the following.

• Only buy what you need.
• Eat everything you buy.
• Pick climate and nature friendly options.

Plant a tree

Everybody loves trees, they are vital in our fight against climate change and the biodiversity crisis. They provide improved air quality and clean water amongst many other benefits. Welsh Government are working with the Woodland Trust and providing a free tree for every household in Wales.

Get your free tree
Reduce energy consumption

We all need to use less energy as this directly contributes carbon to the atmosphere and causes global warming. If we do the following things we can make a difference.

• Turn off lights and appliances you are not using.
• Boiling water requires an enormous amount of energy. Measure the water you intend to boil and use only that.
• Turn down your thermostat.
• Take less time in the shower.
• Use a cool wash where possible.

Create a nature garden

• Rewild a part of your garden by allowing it to grow naturally.
• Plant some wild flowers and plants which are insect and bee friendly.
• Add a water feature to your garden, no matter how small, this is fantastic for wildlife.
• Create a wildlife refuge using stacked wooden branches and bug hotels.

More tips here
Reduce plastic waste

• Reduce the amount of single use plastics.
• Avoid products containing micro plastics.
• Stop buying bottled water, tap water is just as good and it's free.
• Buy a reusable coffee cup.
• Dispose of any plastic waste responsibly.
• Join a local litter clean group.
• Encourage friends and relatives to do the same.

We are on restor

The Wild Landfill Projects in Môn and Gwynedd have been recognized as gold standard by Restor the global hub for nature restoration.

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Tonnes of waste dumped globally this year

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